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Prof. Wan Shiqiang’s Team Made Great Achievements in Global Change


Recently, Prof. Wan Shiqiang’s team published a paper on global change and carbon cycle in Nature Ecology & Evolution, and the title is “A meta-analysis of 1,119 manipulative experiments on terrestrial carbon-cycling responses to global change”. 59 scholars from 9 countries and 39 universities and research institutions have dedicated to this research, 30 of which are international leading scientists (see Author Information) in the field of global change. The team of authors used meta-analysis method to analyze 2,230 literatures of the global change study in the past forty years (1973-2016) and summarized the results of 1,119 experiments, which provided a large valuable database for specialists in the field of global change study and the parametrization and calibration of earth system model. This representative and influential paper is the most comprehensive research in the field of global change up to now. It reveals the work the researchers have done and the knowledge they have acquired through manipulative experiments on global change over the past forty years as well as the prospects of manipulative experiments.

Nature Ecology & Evolution is a sub-magazine published by Nature Publishing Group in 2017, and this magazine is designed to publish comprehensive research papers that elaborate on newest significant advances in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. The impact factor of this magazine is 10.965 after its first publication in 2019.

In recent years, the team led by professor Wan Shiqiang has worked on the research of responses and feedbacks from the carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystems to climate change, and published over 130 papers in the international top and mainstream journals such as Nature Geoscience, Ecology Letters, Global Change Biology and New Phytologist. These papers have been cited 7300 times in total. Prof. Wan Shiqiang with a 43 H-index at present has been listed in the China’s Most Cited Researchers of environmental science field for 5 years (2014-2018) in a row by Elsevier, a world-leading publishing group, which improves the international influence of China’s ecology remarkably. Professor Wan Shiqiang was selected into “Hundred Talents Program” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005, granted the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2009, selected into the distinguished professors of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” of Ministry of Education in 2011 and chosen into the leading talents of scientific and technological innovation of “Ten Thousand Talents Program” in 2014.